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EPISODE 3: Believe - it is the key to change Oct 10, 2019

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Episode 3

Welcome to the Self Mastery Podcast with your host, Zach Spafford. This is episode number three, believe. Hey everybody. Welcome to the Self Mastery Podcast. I am your addictive behaviors coach for LDS Men and women. In this episode, we are gonna talk about belief and let's just go...

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EPISODE 2: Failure is a good thing and here's why Oct 09, 2019

Overcoming Pornography Sometimes Means Failure, You Can Learn From Failure and Succeed.

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So many addicts are hindered by their view of failure that it actually creates greater difficulty in overcoming their pornography use.

As a coach I teach my clients that thoughts are one of the biggest factors in how we feel and act, leading to the results we create.

When they view pornography, fall...

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EPISODE 1: Agency and Addictive behaviors Oct 03, 2019

Agency and Pornography Addiction



Agency is a really important part of everyday life. Many of us think of it as our freedom of choice and in a lot of ways that’s right.

For individuals who believe they are addicted to some behavior or another the phrase, “I can’t stop” is a typical refrain.

I find it interesting and powerful that the phrase “I...

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