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Repair and build a thriving porn-free marriage.

Become a rock-solid couple that can overcome any challenge together. 

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Many couples just can't figure out how to break the cycle of pornography and heal the pain and resentment.

Husbands are struggling with:

  • Guilt, shame & secrecy around porn
  • Failed attempts at trying to quit
  • Inability to rebuild intimacy
  • Low self-worth

Wives are struggling with:

  • Lack of trust & connection
  • A sense of betrayal
  • Resentment and pain
  • Feeling insecure & not enough

Shift Perspective

Approach problems with a fresh understanding.

Break Old Patterns 

Identify and move away from ineffective habits and start anew.

Become Empowered

Enhance confidence and your ability to rekindle intimacy.

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Aligning as a couple to repair your relationship is hard.

We know you want to be a rock solid couple who can overcome any challenge together. To get there, you need to move beyond porn and transform how you engage in intimacy. The problem is, many couples try to stop using porn without addressing the root cause that keeps it present. This can leave you feeling stuck in a recurring cycle that leads to disconnection and uncertainty.
We believe that by addressing these underlying factors, you can achieve deeper trust, intimacy, and mutual respect. We've navigated this journey ourselves and know what it takes to emerge stronger and even more connected. That's why our program isn't just about coaching; it's a blend of effective, scientifically backed methods that resolve the real issues at hand.
Here’s how our approach is revolutionary:
  • Targeting Root Causes: We focus on addressing the underlying issues, not just the surface symptoms.
  • Holistic Frameworks: Our approach goes beyond addressing porn, encompassing relationship intimacy and personal growth.
  • Real-Life Experience: Our methods aren't just theoretical; they are born out of our own journey to a healthier, porn-free relationship.
This journey isn't just about quitting porn; it's about moving towards a more fulfilling, joyous, and connected life together.


Zach & Darcy Spafford, Thrive Beyond Pornography Co-Founders
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Here's how it works

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We'll dig into what's really going on and start mapping your route to a happier, porn-free relationship.

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Get customized coaching and tools that are scientifically proven to help you quit porn, rebuild trust, and bring back intimacy.

Reignite the Spark and Feel Connected

Watch your relationship bloom into something stronger and more joyful than ever before.

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“We addressed the core issues, effectively eliminating the problem rather than just controlling behavior.”

After 25 years struggling with pornography, Zach and Darcy's guidance led to a profound realization: I’m not defined by my past. Our marriage has improved immeasurably, bringing happiness and presence into my life and family." 

- Kieth G.

"Choosing Zach and Darcy was pivotal because they've overcome pornography themselves. Their real-life success, not just theories, made all the difference, helping me and my wife genuinely progress."

 - Brady E.

"Previous programs were like mowing weeds, never reaching the root. With Zach and Darcy, we addressed the core issues, effectively eliminating the problem rather than just controlling behavior."

- Amber E.

Porn habits typically don’t go away on their own.

Here’s the hard truth:  

If you don’t get support now, this challenge could continue for the rest of your life.

Together, let's tackle porn, so you can enjoy a deeply fulfilling relationship full of trust, intimacy, and connection.

Book a Breakthrough Session

There are two ways we can support you.

Pathfinder Coaching with Zach (For Men)

Zach focuses on helping men overcome the challenges of porn addiction. Engage in a journey to regain confidence, trust, and a porn-free lifestyle with tailored strategies and deep insights.


Payment Plans Available
Includes lifetime membership

Empowerment Coaching with Darcy (for Women)

Darcy offers a nurturing space for women to address the impact of porn on their relationships. Experience empowerment, healing, and growth, and learn how to cultivate a more satisfying and healthy life.


Payment Plans Available
Includes lifetime membership

Harmony Couples Coaching with Zach & Darcy 

You and your partner will navigate the journey of rebuilding your relationship together. Overcome the obstacles of porn addiction with effective communication, trust-building, and intimacy enhancement strategies.


Payment Plans Available
Includes lifetime membership