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You've tried quitting.

You're ready and committed. 

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Have you struggled to overcome pornography?

You've probably worried about how this will affect you individually, your spouse, and your family.

Maybe you've stopped in the past for your mission, for your wedding, so you could bless or baptize one of your kids, or even to keep your spouse from leaving you.

Even when you've been "sober" for a while it's there in the background. The looming possibility it will come back, worse than before.  

I've been where you are and I want you to know:

Pornography doesn't have to "destroy" your life.  Your brain is doing what it was trained to do. I've helped countless people untrain this habit from their lives. 


Programs you may have tried in the past weren't based on skills learned by someone who has actually overcome pornography.  They use willpower, motivation, and shame. All tools your brain uses for short-term, external problems.

You need long-term skills, not short-term bandaids.

Understanding how you set up your brain to use porn will help us train your brain to no longer use it.

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You've probably felt that...

  • You are an "addict"
  • You are powerless against this addiction
  • This will destroy you/your family
  • This is all your fault

What I will show you is...

  • You can overcome pornography forever
  • How to take back your ability to choose to live your values 
  • You can grow and your relationships can become more intimate and loving

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Hear Andi in her own voice tell about her exeperience with coaching and the growth that she attained.

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The Self Mastery Membership 


6 payments of $699

or 1 payment of $4000


  • Work 1-on-1 with Zach
  • 6 Months of Private Coaching Every Other Week
  • A FREE private coaching session for your spouse with Darcy
  • Schedule Your Sessions to Fit Your Calendar
  • Voxer and Text access between coaching sessions
  • Option for Continued 1-on-1 Support
  • Everything Included in The Membership

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Join Today with 6 Payments

The Self Mastery Membership Only



6 payments of $350

or 1 payment of $2000


  • Work with Zach - a coach who has personal experience eliminating pornography from their life
  • Work with Darcy - a spouse who has personal experience overcoming the pain in her life
  • Lifetime access to the membership
  • Live coaching calls 
  • Live support calls for spouses
  • Monthly Masterclass 
  • Skills-based coursework
  • Email access to Zach and Darcy
  • FREE downloadable app so you don't have to have web access to view all the amazing content
  • Bonus - Modules to keep you going in the right direction
  • Bonus - For those who choose a 1-time payment - Teens Quit Porn Masterclass 


Join Today
Join Today with 6 Payments
Join Today with 6 Payments
Join Today with 6 Payments

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