Jon shares his real-life experiences with overcoming pornography in his life, the change that he made, and the long-term joy and success he experienced through the Overcome Pornography Forever curriculum and coaching. 

This life-changing program gave Jon his freedom from pornography and provided a path forward that he never knew was possible. 


Thank You For New Ways of Thinking!

Just want to send a thank you for your podcasts and your openness in talking about pornography in a different light. I won’t get into the details, though what you’ve shared in a handful of your podcasts has shifted things for me in a huge way.

The podcast totally changed how I saw my husband and I moved from ANGER and DISGUST to compassion and love.

Several of your episodes have helped us as we have been building our relationship from a new place. 

Also, thank you for sharing the idea that the 12-step program has problems.

They forgot step 13, "I used to be addicted/alcoholic/etc." Something that allows your brain to let it be in the past. Which is where it should be able to be. I geek out on playing inside the brain/subconscious and rewiring things so I love that you shared that.

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